Monday, October 8, 2007

Still Around

It's hard to know what to say after being away so long. I've been reading everyone's blogs, but I seem to be so brain dead in the evenings that I haven't even left comments. I have been checking your blogs, though, and admiring the work everyone has been doing.
I haven't even been doing much crocheting or knitting in the evenings until recently, and I haven't finished anything at all that I can show. Maybe as it gets cooler I'll get to spend more time with it. I even thought there would be slow days at work when I could read or crochet a little, but I can tell that's not going to happen anytime soon.
Maybe you'd be interested to know how I came to be hired as Office Manager for the town. The City Clerk/Office Manager was suspended in May on suspicion of embezzlement. The state auditor came in June at the request of the DA and began an audit that was released about five weeks ago. Apparently, the girl managed to steal about $80,000 in cash over a period of 3 1/2 years. Anyway, I'm still classified as temporary until she's arrested.
Of course, the town is broke and owes huge sums of money to the trash company, electric company, and various vendors. She is bonded for $60,000, but the town won't get that money until she's convicted or a settlement is made. The town officials really want to see her convicted, though, and they want back every dime that was stolen. Hopefully, our DA will get busy and start proceedings against her.