Sunday, August 31, 2008

Newest Family Members

Yes. These are living in my backyard. The goats are my contribution to the green movement. They're suppose to replace the fossil fuel burning lawn mower. (They've been neutered, so they don't stink. In case, you're interested.)

The little heifer calf's mother died, so I'm going to bottle feed her until about February. She's about a month old now.

Some people call orphan calves "bums", but I prefer the term "bottle babies".

These guys aren't mine, but they live next door.

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Sandy said...

Do they trim and weed? lol Cute picture, but um...then you have to clean up after them? How does zapping them sexually make them not stink?

Stop in for a visit, welcome mats always out.

Doing some blog walking this am, and made my way here.

Have a great day,