Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kitchen Stuff

Little Kitchen Helpers by Leisure Arts is what I call a "pity purchase". It's one of those purchases I make when I'm trying to be frugal, but I'm feeling very sorry for myself about the whole experience. It's that feeling I get when I look down see only food and cleaning supplies in my cart. (Surely I'm not the only person who finds cleaning supplies depressing.) If I can pick up something like this, I can feel so much better about the whole shopping trip. These little books are cheap, and they aren't fattening. That's a win-win situation as far as I'm concerned.
I used this little book to make the pot holders shown below.

The pattern for these three dishcloths was found on the ball band of the Bernat Handicrafter's Cotton I used.
The knitted cloth was made from a pattern found in the latest issue of Creative Knitting.
These two pot holders were made using two strands of cotton held together and crocheted with a K hook. These are very quick to make.
This pattern also came from the book shown above. It was actually suppose to be made using two colors, but I didn't have a solid color that matched. I'll probably use it as a hot pad because it's too big and floppy for my taste. I won't put the hanging loop on the next time I use this pattern. I decided to leave it on this one because the loop is made at the beginning of the round rather than at the end. I was too lazy to frog it and redo the edge without the loop.

All of the above took about ten skeins of the Handicrafter Cotton. You get fewer yards with the Handicrafter, so another brand would probably make more than seven items.


Deneen said...

I like the kitchen stuff. I used to see Handicrafter around and now haven't (you made me think). Most times I make my dishcloths smaller then the 9-10" (too big is too big for me) and can get two cloths from Peaches N Cream/Sugar N Cream.

I have that book too and have made a few of the potholders from it.

Bron said...

Very nice! I know what you mean about cleaning supplies being depressing. Sigh. At one time, back when the kids were babies & $$ was short, I actually enjoyed going to the grocery store since it was the only guilt-free spending I could do! (Of course, shopping for sales & such made it an adventure too....I was easily amused back then. ::wink::)

Kimberly said...

I often pick up something I don't need just so I have something for me and not for the apartment. Dishcloths are such quick patterns - instant gratification it feels like!

Alexis said...

Hi! :)

I love those last 2 potholders. I think I might need that book...