Saturday, April 21, 2007

One, Two, THREE

I had to rip out the back of the vest because it seems I can't count to three. I was suppose to skip three chain spaces for the underarm, but I left four spaces instead. I had the entire back done and had started on the left front before I even noticed there was a problem. I tried the back again last night, but couldn't keep up with what row I was on and had to frog again. (This is not mindless crochet, and I was trying to watch 24, Season 3, Disc 2. Not a good idea to try to do both at the same time.) I'm going to have to write down the row numbers and cross them off as I complete each row.
Demon Kitty all grown up. Sorry about the sleep in his eye. He hadn't had his morning wash yet.


April said...

What a beautiful kitty. He looks like he loves to help his mama crochet. :)

Susan said...

Oh what a sweetie! Bet he is a lot of fun.