Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hobby Lobby Shopping Spree

I had to go to Lawton Thursday for an appointment with the dermatologist to have the spots checked where he'd removed the skin cancers. The places had healed, and no further surgery or treatment will be necessary.

I spent 45 minutes getting there, and I wasn't even in the examination room 10 minutes. And I had to give them another $25 co-pay. Since I'd already wasted all of that gas just getting to Lawton, I decided I might as will swing by Hobby Lobby and check out the yarn.

I hadn't been to Hobby Lobby in quite awhile, and I had never bought yarn there before. It was really something of a disappointment. I wasn't impressed with most of the Yarn Bee yarns, and anything that I might have bought had only a few colors and not enough skeins with the same dye lot. They did have a good selection of the Sugar and Cream cotton, and I stocked up on some of that. I also got some Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky to try a knit purse I found on Garn Studio. There was also some Senso and Luster Sheen on clearance, and I picked up some of that. So the whole experience wasn't a total waste of time, and at least now I know that I'll have to do my buying online.

I want to end with a tip from the dermatologist. He recommended the Neutrogena 70 Sunblock. The 70 has more anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties than the 45. It might be a little late for that in my case, but I guess I'll give it a shot if Wal Mart carries it.


Deneen said...

How could you not go to HL since it was right there?

Someone sent me some Yarn Bee yarn last year and I loved it for a scarf I made-I think it's the HL brand, so ....

Let me know how the Senseo is-I want to try some. No one around here sells Lustersheen, I have a bit stockpiled, but the Senseo is cotton versus acrylic Lustersheen.

Buying online is a must for me, however it is nice to "test" something first and then decide if you want to buy more.

I use "tree in a bottle" on Elena, Neutrogena 50-the kid is so pale, you would never guess she swims daily. However, I never use sunblock, never burn and when I do use sunblock, get a rash-I know it's important, I know....

Bron said...

Congrats that the skin cancer is gone! Thanks for the sunblock info. Doug's Dad has had skin cancer for years & we're hyper sensitive about protecting ourselves.

I really dislike all the HL yarn brands. I don't buy anything but Sugar & Cream there.

April said...

Congrats on the removal of the spots! My father has had many treatments over the years. He went bald at a very early age and his scalp has had many spots removed.

SPF 70??? Wow. That's a lot. I use 30 on my face every day, since it's in my lotion and I tend to dry easily, so I just always use lotion. I use a 35 or 45 on my body when I go out, but not all the time. If I'm just going for a walk or something, I don't put it on my arms or neck. I usually only use it if I'll be outside for a long while. I should get into the habit of using it more regularly!

I'm often disappointed with my craft store yarn purchases as well. However, I am also hesitant to buy stuff online for full price when I've never used it before, because what looks nice in a photo may not feel good, etc.

Kimberly said...

Glad that the spots have healed and no more treatment needed!

I'm always disappointed in HL and JoAnns when I visit my parents....I expect them to be a great mecca for yarns, and I usually walk away bummed. Although I did score at HL on some great fabrics for bag linings in the clearance bin!