Tuesday, July 10, 2007

FO and WIP

I was reading Kelly's blog and found this little cosmetic bag pattern that she had made. She modified hers to use as a little tote for her crochet, but I'm going to use mine as a holder for all those things that sometimes float around on the bottom of my purse-mints, gum, lip balm, etc. This isn't a very good picture of it. It's actually much cuter in person.

I used Sugar and Cream in gum drop and a H hook. There's actually a mistake on the bag because for some reason I crocheted into the back loops of about four stitches. It's not noticable really to anyone except me. It just irritates the heck out of me for doing something so dumb.

I'm still trying to use up my stash. It seems as if I've been trying forever, and I'm getting pretty tired of it. It sounds as if I have a large amount of yarn, but that's not really true. I'm just slow as the seven year itch.

This is my first knitted sweater that I've been trying to seam together. I've managed to seam the shoulders and attach the sleeves to the body. Now if I can just get the sleeves and side seams done, it will be FINISHED. I used 3 1/2 skeins of Homespun in quartz and size 10 knitting needles. Let me tell you that this thing weights a ton! It was a good beginner's project, though. You can see the pattern here.

I had to edit this post quite a bit to get the link right. I hope Bloglines doesn't notify you every time I hit Publish Post. How embarrassing if it does!


Deneen said...

I want to make that bag using the leftover CotLin I have, yours is cute.

The sweater is very pretty, love the colorway.

Embarrassing??? Do you know how many times I find an error after publication and have to redo it (you probably do and think I'm an idiot, hence you thinking it showing up on Bloglines ten times is embarrassing :P)

April said...

Hey the tote is pretty cute! And I'm realling liking the sweater, too. I love the colorway and I bet that it is going to make a nice, cozy sweater for the winter time. Can't wait to see it all seamed together!