Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Doctor Visit or The Year I Meet My Insurance Deductable

Yesterday I had an appointment with a dermatologist that I scheduled weeks ago. He's very popular with the acne age group so there's always a long wait for an appointment. I just had to settle back and wait because he's the only one listed as a provider by my insurance.

Doctors often make me very nervous, so I made a list of all of the places that I wanted him to check. Of the seven on my list only two were suspicious. He took biopsies of both, and the results are suppose to be back next Wednesday. If I don't hear from him, then I can assume there's nothing to worry about.

I've finished the ninety-six centers for the granny rectangles, and I'm moving on to the second round. I only have the one skein of purple, and I want to use it up before I buy more. I figure that will help me estimate how many more skeins I need.

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