Friday, June 22, 2007


These pictures were taken last Friday morning after the third straight morning of rain. We had a total of 6 inches in three days. This is the third time the fields have flooded this year. We even got another half inch over the weekend, and today we've had another two inches so far.

When the water went down enough on Saturday an electric fence had to be put up on the west and south side of the pasture because there just wasn't a fence anymore, and the cows were getting out.


Deneen said...

Wow-will you use some sort of pump system to pump the water out of the field or does it have no where to go?

Bron said...

Holy cow! Now THAT brings back some memories. Wish we could get some of that water over in this neck of the woods!

April said...

Wow. When I first looked at the photos I thought I was looking at a lake or pond. Where does that water go? Is this a yearly event, or a fluke that's going on lately? I hope it all works out and you're able to stay dry.