Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mindless Crochet

I made this in a couple of evenings last week while we were having some wild weather. It's a very simple shell pattern that I found at Bernat. The pattern called for Galaxy yarn, but I substituted Light and Lofty in antique blue from my stash. Three and a half skeins made an afghan about 31" x 35", excluding the fringe. I like to use my N Crystalite hook when working with this yarn rather than an aluminum one. For some reason the Crystalite just works so much better for me with this type of yarn.
I had planned to donate it to the nursing home, but I'm afraid the fringe would be dangerous for a nursing home resident. I wasn't going to add the fringe, but the afghan needed something, and I didn't have enough yarn left to crochet an edging around it.
I love how quickly this yarn worked up! If I ever make any more afghans for gifts, I'll certainly use the bulkier yarn.


April said...

It looks really pretty!

April said...

Thanks for the offer on the IW Crochet. I would say yes, but hold off for now. I bid on one on eBay, and though there's still 3 days left on the auction I'm optimistic I'll win it. I'd hate to have you buy one for me and then have me win one, you know? But you are insanely sweet for the offer! Thank you. :)