Monday, May 21, 2007


I'm babysitting Tiny while his mom is at the vet being spayed. (At least I think it's a he. He's not too crazy about me turning his butt up in the air to try to figure it out.) It's hard to believe this little fellow is almost 7 weeks old, but he's eating solid food and drinking water from a bowl. He'll use the litter pan if I can catch him in time. Next week it will be his turn to go to the vet for his shots. Hopefully, that will make it easier to find someone to adopt him.

That's fiberfill from a play toy that you see on his right eye. It looks like that toy is going to have to be trashed.

Right now he has a tummy ache. I left some of the other cats' food bowls on the floor, and I discovered him with all four feet in one the them chopping away. I have a can of goat's milk that I need to mix up for him and see if he'll drink it. Cow's milk isn't good for them, and kitten formulas are very expensive. Goat's milk is a much cheaper substitute for the formula.

His mom is the last of the females that needs to be spayed. Now maybe the neighbor's toms will go home and leave us alone.

Now I don't want you to think I'm some crazy old lady that goes around picking up strays. I just happen to live in town that's a dumping ground for unwanted pets. The ones I can catch have all gone to the vet for shots and to be neutered or spayed. It will take me all summer to pay off my credit card, but at least there won't be anymore kittens.

I splurged the past weekend and bought a pizza and rented some dvds. There's a new pizza place in Snyder that just opened up, and I wanted to try their pizza. It was really very good.

I rented The Wicker Man, The Fountain, and The Illusionist. Bron had mention The Wicker Man once, and she said it was bad. I wish I had listened to her because it's a really, really awful movie. The Fountain had nice special effects, but it was boring otherwise. The Illusionist, though, was really pretty good, or maybe the others were just so bad anything would have been an improvement.


Deneen said...

Tiny is precious! It's ashame more aren't like you with strays-if just some of the pet owners would take care of their pet-grrrr-pet peeve of mine (no pun intended)

April said...

Tiny is just adorable. How many kitties have you adopted? I have 3, used to have 4, all strays. If I had a house instead of an apartment, especially one with a nice big barn, I'd probably do the same. Oh, and I'd also be a Powerball winner as well so it would be no skin off my back to rescue all the animals in the world. :) He's really a cutie though. And a lucky little guy from the looks of it.